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Ben G. does it again!!
He put the hammer on us at brookville lake being the only one to weigh in five fish. Beautiful weather, but a north wind at 5-10mph had the bite in a funk they would chase baits but not eat it. (Well...for everyone else!) Chris M finished second place and big bass. The weights being too embarrassing to mention.
Saturday 10/7/17...7am-4pm tournament at Rocky Fork will be our last one before a two day finale, again being at brookville lake.

Remember, that this is an open club. If you've never fished with us, you can without joining. Pay your $50.00 entry fee and you're in!
5 fish-15" limit. No dead fish allowed at the weigh-in.
$40.00 to purse. $10.00 to Big Bass - 100% payback
Open to all for $50.00 per boat. $40.00 towards purse and $10.00 towards big bass
5 fish 12" limit.
A dead fish will not get weighed in.
Not being seen within site of the ramp at the scheduled tournament ending time.
Thanks to all that showed up and I really appreciate the help and layed back attidude, making my part easy.
Hope you can make the next one!

We are accepting new members! Please email me here if you are interested.

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About the Club

Back in the early days of tournament fishing, there was a rapidly growing interest in the sport. Information was limited on how, where and when to catch Bass.  One of the best ways to learn was by belonging to a Bass club.  By knowing this, some avid fisherman in our area planned and organized a Bass club.  That club became known as Southern Ohio Bassmasters.  The object of creating the club was for members to enjoy the sport by learning from other fisherman while at the same time competing and enjoying the benefits of being in a Bass club.  Many club members, both previous and presently active, have benefited over the years by having been a part of S.O.B.  The same concepts still apply now as they did in the beginning.  The doors to the future are always open to new members and as always old members are always welcome back.   Take a look at our By-Laws here.                                 
Tournament Format:
Buddy System / Same Partner  ---  Set Dates / Team Points
No Annual Club Fees                  
$50 Entry Fee Per Boat/ 5 fish limit per boat
$40 tournament fee and $10 big bass
100% Payout     
For More Information...
Email: Ron Morton

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