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                                                                  Southern Ohio Bassmasters
                                                                                  Since 1978
                                                              New 2018 - 40 year anniversary

2018 Southern Ohio Bassmasters
Club Meeting
At Bass Pro Shops on January 27- 2:00 - 3:30pm
Great Meeting today. Click on the members tab above to see a list of possible members. Those with an asterisk have already paid. Still accepting members. Check out our Facebook page
Only $25.00 per person to be a member.
14 scheduled tournaments, plus a two day Championship.

Tentative schedule............................**Tentative dates, due to the Rocky Fork “EarlyBird” date has not been set.

**March 24                               SOUTHERN OHIO.                               Rocky Fork

**April 7                                    SOUTHERN OHIO                                Caesars Creek

May 12.                                    SOUTHERN OHIO.                               Bischoff Res.

May 26                                     SOUTHERN OHIO                                East Fork

June 2                                      SOUTHERN OHIO                                Brookville

June 30                                    SOUTHERN OHIO                                Cowen Lake

July 7                                        SOUTHERN OHIO                                Rocky Fork

July 21                                      SOUTHERN OHIO.                               Paint Creek

August 18                                 SOUTHERN OHIO.                               East Fork

September 8                             SOUTHERN OHIO.                               Caesars Creek

September 22                           SOUTHERN OHIO                                Chilo

October 6                                  SOUTHERN OHIO                                Rocky Fork

October 20                                SOUTHERN OHIO                                Brookville

November 3                              SOUTHERN OHIO                                 Bischoff

                                                                  $25.00 membership per person.
                                                               "FULL TIME MEMBERS ONLY"
                                    We are very dependent on boaters/teams being consistant.
                                                                          Saturdays Only!
If you sign up as a boater and bring a non member/partner, anytime during the year. A one time  $25.00  membership fee to the boater will be charged.
                    Our intention is for fisherman that enjoy a small, competative group of passionate tournament fisherman who appreciate a good return on their entry fee. At each tournament, 100% of the entry fees are being divided amoung the top three weights, having more than 10 boats and two places between 5 and 10 boats including a big bass pot. We will hold the membership fees until the end of the season for a two day Classic tournament for twice the one day entry fee of $100.00.  
                     "You must fish in eight scheduled tournaments to qualify to fish this Classic"
                                     Tournament fee, one day $50.00 per boat
The Two Day Classic pay-out below will be higher and possibly having a fourth place pay-out, after all of the membership fees are included.  15 teams =  $750.00 adding-$200.00 to 1st, 2nd &3rd place and $150.00 to 4th place.
                What club or championship has better odds for that much of a pay-out?
                                Single -Day                                                                             Two - Day
                           15 boats @ $50.00                                                         15 boats @ $100.00                     
                                 $300.00 1st                                                                           $890.00 1st                      
                                 $170.00 2nd                                                                         $300.00 2nd                     
                                 $130.00 3rd                                                                          $160.00 3rd                   

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If you are a member and you're not getting emails from me with tournament updates, etc. please click the email link below and send me your address

If you're visiting our website and need more information or want to join our club please e-mail me here


About the Club

Back in the early days of tournament fishing, there was a rapidly growing interest in the sport. Information was limited on how, where and when to catch Bass.  One of the best ways to learn was by belonging to a Bass club.  By knowing this, some avid fisherman in our area planned and organized a Bass club.  That club became known as Southern Ohio Bassmasters.  The object of creating the club was for members to enjoy the sport by learning from other fisherman while at the same time competing and enjoying the benefits of being in a Bass club.  Many club members, both previous and presently active, have benefited over the years by having been a part of S.O.B.  The same concepts still apply now as they did in the beginning.  The doors to the future are always open to new members and as always old members are always welcome back.   Take a look at our By-Laws here.                                 

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